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Follow IAP during Miami Art Week 2014

Follow IAP during Miami Art Week 2014

The art fairs and art events taking place in Miami and Miami Beach between December 2 – 9, 2014, is commonly known as Miami Art Week. Approximately twenty art fairs take place, positioned in the area between Miami’s Wynwood Art District, Downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

IAP co-founders dealer, Leslie Ferrin and Cynthia Reeves, will be showing  at respectively, Miami Project (Ferrin Contemporary, Booth 125), and Art Miami (CYNTHIA-REEVES, Booth A40).

IAP will be offering an overview and recap of highlights from Ferrin Contemporary, CYNTHIA-REEVES and the Berkshires’ art galleries and artists showing during the Miami Art Week.  Below, you’ll find brief descriptions of the art fairs, including links to locations, hours, admission prices, special events and much more.

IAP will post images and tweet not-to-miss happenings with the hashtag #IAPMiamiArtWeek2014
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Art Basel Miami Beach – held at the Miami Beach Convention Center is the largest art fair of the week, featuring more than 250 top galleries from around the world. Design Miami (a major design fair) takes place right next to Art Basel.  Aqua, a mainstay on the beach  in a vintage beach hotel (now rebranded as Aqua Art Miami) , and Ink Fair,  specializing in prints are among  and exhibitions in the hotels along the strip

Satellite art fairs: Scope Miami, Pulse (where Sienna Patti Contemporary, from Lenox, South Berkshire County, will show the work of Susie Ganch), Select, and UNTITLED. are also in Miami Beach and actually on or near the beach; enjoy the ocean view,   Hotel-based art fairs in Miami Beach walking distance from the convention center include Ink and Aqua.  NADA hosted at the Deauville is located in North Miami.

Art Miami – held in Miami’s Wynwood Art District, is the oldest of the art fairs in Miami, this year celebrating its 25th edition. Miami Project, smaller and selective, is one tent South along 32nd St.  Nearby are even more tents, pavilions and buildings filled with contemporary art – including but not limited to Context, Spectrum, ArtSpot, Pinta and Red Dot art fairs. Miami galleries relocated and opened in Wynwood expanding outward from the now well established section known as Miami Design Center and Wynwood Walls where graffiti and the street art scene has continued to find a welcome home and a base for young businesses to launch.

Click HERE for MIAMI NEW TIMES – guide to the fairs.


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MASS MoCA’s expansion

MASS MoCA’s expansion

MASS MoCA’s exciting expansion plans were announced in major media publications this week. Featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Washington Post, MASS MoCA announced an expansion that is expected to be complete by 2017.

When the roughly $55 million project is completed in 2017, Mass MoCA will be the largest contemporary art museum in the country, with more than 250,000 square feet of gallery space.” – The Washington Post

Some of the cavernous spaces on the sprawling campus of Mass MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) have remained unused since the museum opened the facility in 1999. Museum director Joseph C. Thompson told the press, “We just love being able to reorient people all the time. Here’s where you are. You’re in a mill. You’re in North Adams. You’re in the Berkshires.” – The Boston Globe

Independent Art Projects (IAP) opened this summer in Building 13 on the MASS MoCA campus with trained staff from MCLA’s Berkshire Hills Internship Program (BHIP), and will clearly benefit from the continued expansions of MASS MoCA and The Clark.  Leslie Ferrin, co-founder of IAP also noted “With MCLA and Williams College nearby it is important to also note the combination of education and support, from programs such as Assets for Artists that combined are creatively making it all come together for creative economy.”

Quietly, and often overlooked by some of its closest neighbors, MASS MoCA continues to break new ground, drawing the attention of the nation and the world of this quiet corner of Massachusetts, and setting the stage for the future of the creative economy of North Adams and the Berkshires, if stakeholders will only step up and do their part.

“In 2016, 20 years after this ambitious and at times daunting renovation project got underway, Mass MoCA will be poised for a bright future, to the benefit of its host city and the Berkshires.” – MASS MoCA’s Final Stage, The Berkshire Eagle

We are pleased to be part of that team and enjoy the benefit of being located in the heart of it.

Congratulations MASS MoCA!


[Image: Joseph C. Thompson in front of the soon-to-be-restored Building 6 on the North Adams campus.
Photo: © Nancy Palmieri for the Boston Globe]
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November 2014: artKamp indigo mass + Anne Morgan Spalter

November 2014: artKamp indigo mass + Anne Morgan Spalter

North Adams, MA — Independent Art Projects is pleased to announce two new exhibitions opening on November 22, 2014: artKamp: indigo mass, a collaborative contemporary ceramic installation presented by Ferrin Contemporary, and Modern Renaissance, Anne Morgan Spalter’s recent photo-based art installations, presented by CYNTHIA-REEVES.

artKamp: indigo mass is an exhibition of selected works created during artKamp — a two-week international residency featuring eight artists working collaboratively to create a unified tablescape. Individual works by artKamp artists, which include Ben Carter, Chase Gamblin, Alexandra Jelleberg, Frances Palmer, Bonnie Smith, Mara Superior, Vipoo Srivilasa, and Elenor Wilson will also be on view.

In Modern Renaissance, Spalter creates a unique spatial experience by integrating printed and moving imagery, using both traditional photography, as well as computational tools. Continuing her exploration of the modern landscape and its relationship to landscape works of the past, Spalter combines aerial urbanscapes with video works based on Renaissance painting and cathedral imagery.

Several artKamp’s artists and Anne Morgan Spalter will be attending the opening reception, and guide the public through the exhibitions on Saturday, November 22, 5-7 PM.


[Image: Anne Morgan Spalter, Chandelier, 2014. Pigment print on Acrylic, screen, customs enclosure, file. 20 x 20 x 3 in. Courtesy of CYNTHIA-REEVES]
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Gallery Talk with Anne Morgan Spalter

Gallery Talk with Anne Morgan Spalter

Free and open to the public, with refreshments to follow

Continuing her exploration of the modern landscape and its relationship to landscape works of the past, Spalter combines aerial urbanscapes with video works based on Renaissance painting and cathedral imagery.

In two of large-scale works installed at IAP, Spalter channels both the spirit and literal images from Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthy Delights. These video prints depict spherical worlds combining inner and outer realities. Mirroring the back panels of the famous Bosch triptych, the outer, printed forms set the scene for the highly charged interior.

A series of smaller video prints, based on footage shot in Prague, draw on spires, cobblestones streets, stained glass, and an impressively vaulted cathedral interior to create a spiritual space that celebrates the merging of art and science.

On the occasion of her exhibition opening reception at Independent Art Projects, Anne Morgan Spalter will lead an exhibition walkthrough, discuss what influences her work, help us discover the behind-the-scene of her installations, and where she’s headed next.

Spalter’s works are on view at IAP through Sunday, January 4, 2015.

Click HERE for more information on the artist.

[Image: Anne Morgan Spalter, Water Tower of Babble, 2014, C Print, 30 x 32″, Edition of 5 + Artist Print – Courtesy of CYNTHIA-REEVES]
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IAP in Art New England 11/12 2014

IAP in Art New England 11/12 2014

November/December 2014

Sin-ying Ho
by Anthony Merino

“Sin-ying Ho dissects the complexity of human identity in two semi-monumental vases: Temptation: Life of Goods No.1 and One World, Many Peoples No. 2 exhibited at Independent Art Projects, North Adams, MA. Across the surfaces of the two vases are human forms in silhouette floating amidst a field of flowers, mimicking traditional blue and white floral patterns found in traditional Chinese porcelain imports. Ho uses the silhouette device to suggest that humans are vessels and within them are their identities.

Renaissance painter Titian’s Fall of Man serves as the template for the figures on Ho’s Temptation. Titian’s painting depicts the moment Eve plucks the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Within the silhouettes are designs inspired by Chinese coins: a circle with a square hole cut in its center. Each circle includes a corporate logo. In the end, Ho asserts that humans largely identify themselves by what they consume. Thus, this work challenges viewers to ask themselves, do you define your purchases or do they define you?”

Click HERE to download and view the full article.

Photo credit: John Polak

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