Anne Morgan Spalter: Modern Renaissance


“Anne Morgan Spalter: Modern Renaissance” installed at IAP


Anne Morgan Spalter is an artist and author whose career reflects her long-standing goal of integrating art and technology. Drawing inspiration from painting, mathematics, and Buddhist and Islamic art, Spalter shoots original footage in cities around the world and uses custom software to develop patterned compositions that explore the concept of the “modern landscape”.

Spalter is a long-time member of the Advisory Board of the Digital Art Museum, Berlin, and has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Mathematics and Art, and the ACM SIGGRAPH Committee for Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art. Spalter’s works are included in leading contemporary collections in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Spalter is also the author of the widely used text The Computer in the Visual Arts (Addison-Wesley 1999). Her art, writing, and teaching all reflect her long-standing goal of integrating art and technology.


In Modern Renaissance, Spalter creates a unique spatial experience by integrating printed and moving imagery, using both traditional photography, as well as computational tools. Continuing her exploration of the modern landscape and its relationship to landscape works of the past, Spalter combines aerial urbanscapes with video works based on Renaissance painting and cathedral imagery. While the original imagery is Western in location and religious origin, the mandala- like circular, geometric and symmetrical forms bring an Eastern aesthetic to these meditations on spirituality.

As noted in USA TODAY, “Spalter simply set out to answer the essential questions of visual artists and designers about the implementation of computers in their art. But in explaining the field’s history, artistic theory, the relationship of software programs and the breadth of practitioners’ works, she manages to provide a luscious intellectual feast even for non-practitioners.



Opening Reception + Artist Talk: Saturday, November 22, 5-7 PM

Free, with light refreshments to follow.


Anne Morgan Spalter is represented by CYNTHIA-REEVES.

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