Shuli Sadé


Shuli Sadé installed at IAP


Shuli Sadé was born in Israel and moved to NY in 1984. With a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and postgraduate work at NY’s School of Visual Arts, she has taught and lectured at various United States Universities and Colleges.

Sadé has received the Pollock Krasner Foundation grant 2014, National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship 1991, New York Foundation for the Arts Emergency Grant 2001, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Fund, NY-Israel Cultural Cooperation Commission grant, AICF study grant, and NY Art Development Committee grants. Her recent installation at the New York University laboratory was selected among Top 100 best art projects in Collaboration of Design and Art awards.
Her work is in numerous private and public collections in the USA and abroad.


Throughout her process of photographing the city, Sadé collects ordinary bits and fragments of cityscapes, somewhat insignificance moments witnessing our collective memory. By decoding, retrieving and subtracting pixels she aims to create an elastic sense of ever changing landscape of memory. The brain pathways and the connections between neurons are grid-like. Nerve cells in the brain form a simple checkerboard grid pattern. Sadé commence her work using a grid, reflecting on both urbanism and brain activity.


Read her interview with IAP Director Martina Caruso HERE.

Shuli Sadé is represented by CYNTHIA-REEVES.

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