Saturday, April 25–Sunday, June 7

Family Affair: Sergei Isupov, Kadri Pärnamets, Roosi Pärnamets Isupov

Porcelain sculptures exploring intense explorations of self, relationship, and family
Saturday, June 20–Sunday, August 16
reception: Saturday, June 20, 4–6 pm

Glazed and Diffused

Curated by Leslie Ferrin, principal of FERRIN CONTEMPORARY, Glazed and Diffused presents a survey of contemporary artists who use fired clay and glaze pigment to convey abstract content. Ranging from objects and vessels to sculpture, tile, and installations, these works convey how artists employ clay and glaze to achieve an eclectic array of effects including fluidity, abstraction, and color theory.

related events: Studio Visit with Raymon Elozua, Mountaindale, NY, Saturday, July 11 or 12–2:00 pm
Saturday, August 22–Monday, October 12
reception: Saturday, August 22, 4–6 pm


Saturday, May 9–Sunday, June 7

Daniel Kohn: Networks, Maps, and Territories

Featuring paintings inspired by the artist’s inquiry into genomics, exploring the world of the network and, by extension, the organically occurring manifestations of fractals in our natural world.
Saturday, June 13–Sunday, July 26
reception: Saturday, June 20, 4–6 pm

Sarah Amos