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IAP in Hill Country Observer 2014–2015

IAP in Hill Country Observer 2014–2015

December 2014 – January 2015

Modern landscapes, digitally refracted
Exhibit showcases a pioneer of using computers in visual art

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Works by Anne Morgan Spalter, who wrote a widely used textbook on the use of computers in the visual arts, are the focus of a new exhibit at the Independent Art Projects gallery in North Adams.

In Anne Morgan Spalter’s world, physical structures take on spiritual dimensions literally. The artist uses her own customized computer software to transform the architectural structures of humankind into even more precise constructs. Using mosaic patterns that build on design concepts in Muslim art, her software reveals what the human eye can never see on its own.

Spalter’s work is the focus of a new show, “Modern Renaissance” that opened Nov. 22 and runs through Jan. 4, presented by CYNTHIA-REEVES at the Independent Art Projects gallery, at 1315 Mass MoCA Way in North Adams. “Modern Renaissance” comprises different bodies of work, including several pieces that use a cathedral in Prague and others that use aerial footage of Manhattan combined with images from the Hieronymus Bosch painting “City of Earthly Delights.”

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Photo credit: Martina Caruso

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Miami Art Week 2014

Miami Art Week 2014

Independent Art Projects (IAP) went to Miami during the Miami Art Week, December 2 – 7, and visited artists and dealers who have been presented at IAP since June 26, 2014, — when IAP opened its door at MASS MoCA’s campus, on the ground floor of Building 13.

While we took a look of the art fairs throughout Miami, to see the artworks, curated projects, and installations, It was great discovering how many ideas that began in North Adams were shown, few months later, in the international-known art week of Miami Basel.

Founding dealers Ferrin Contemporary and CYNTHIA-REEVES were presented in the Wynwood Design District, respectively at Miami Project (booth 125) with Ferrin’s “MADE IN CHINA: THE NEW EXPORT WARE” group exhibition, and at Art Miami (booth A40) with REEVES’ artists shown at IAP Lianghong Feng, and Shen Chen, among others.  In addition, artists and galleries who exhibited with us were spread throughout the city at various important venues.

In the Wynwood Design District, artist Shuli Sade, shown by CYNTHIA-REEVES this summer, was exhibited at MANA Miami. At Miami Project, Julie Saul Gallery, from New York, presented new works by photographer Tanya Marcuse and sculptor Christopher Russell, who were shown at IAP this past summer; and Kasher|Potamkin gallery from New York, presented the work of Sergei Isupov, whose solo exhibition was the inaugural exhibition by Ferrin Contemporary at IAP. At Art Miami, we also saw artists Anne Morgan Spalter with Magnan Metz Gallery, and Lauren Mabry with Mindy Solomon Gallery.

IAP looks forward to continuing working with established international artists, galleries and events as we develop our 2015 exhibitions and public programs. We hope the endeavors will not only help promote IAP as an open, free and welcoming space for art and art lovers, but also enhance the cultural and economic life of Northern Berkshires. The Berkshires are a land of art —with museum collections to admire, exhibits to learn from, and working artists generating new ideas— and is an exciting place to discover art and begin or build an art collection.

IAP was founded by Leslie Ferrin and Cynthia Reeves as a contemporary art space to showcase established contemporary visual artists represented by the two founders, as well as other New England and New York based galleries. Located on the campus of MASS MoCA —a growing center for contemporary art and expanding in the coming years to be the largest contemporary art museum in the USA— IAP gallery space was realized thanks to the cultural and economic development programs of MASS MoCA, the City of North Adams, and collective efforts by Berkshire County during the past 15 years.  Included in the North Adams’ programs that support our work are DownStreet Art and the Berkshire Hills Internship Program run by the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts;  Assets for Artists, and the North Adams Project run by the Cultural Economic Development Department of MASS MoCA and Williams College.  These programs and others help create a sense of dynamic artistic energy, fresh ideas, employment and business opportunities, both in the City of North Adams, and spread among the Berkshire County of Western Massachusetts.

Below you will find images of artworks and artists hosted at Independent Art Projects since its initiation, recently on view and for sale in Miami:


Ferrin Contemporary’s “MADE IN CHINA: THE NEW EXPORT WARE” installed at Miami Project


Shen Chen’s triptych and ink on watercolor at CYNTHIA-REEVES’ booth A40, Art Miami


Shuli Sade in front of her “Night Vision”, featured in “Mana Monumental” at MANA Miami


Tanya Marcuse’s photographs, and Christopher Russell’s sculptures, at Julie Saul Gallery’s booth 101, Miami Project


Sergei Isupov’s ceramic sculptures at Kasher|Potamkin’s booth 613, Miami Project


Anne Morgan Spalter’s photo-based installation at Art Miami, with Magnan Metz Gallery Gallery


Lauren Mabry’s cylindric ceramic sculpture at Art Miami, with Mindy Solomon Gallery

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