Gallery Talk with Vipoo Srivilasa

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 5 PM Free and open to the public with light Chinese refreshment to follow

Free and open to the public with light Chinese refreshment to follow


Western artists are increasingly traveling to China to research and produce work for exhibitions in the USA, Australia and Europe. Eastern artists are using traditional skills to create contemporary art and design to feed a growing demand in Asia and exhibitions in the West. In the last ten years, thousands of artists have begun a new generation of “export-ware” made in China and sold to the West.

Sponsored as a guest lecturer by the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Ferrin traveled to China in June and July 2014 with the aim of gaining a greater understanding of the cross-cultural collaboration, production, and appropriation occurring in the New Export Ware movement. During her visit, Ferrin visited ceramic workshops in Jingdezhen and Chongqing, where – similar to the historical model of export ware – skilled Chinese artisans, produce contemporary works for Western markets under the direction of visiting Western artists.

Vipoo Srivilasa (Thai born, lives and works in Australia), has developed a body of porcelain figurines that mixes the blue and white traditions of East Asia with contemporary symbols of Australian identity, which transmit universal messages about cross-cultural experiences. Srivilasa was artist in residence at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen in 2010, and he is still working there on a project basis.

Join IAP co-founder Leslie Ferrin and artist Vipoo Srivilasa for an evening gallery talk and Made in China – The New Export Ware exhibition walkthrough. Made in China – The New ‘Export-Ware’ group show feature works by Robin Best, Caroline Cheng, Sin-ying Ho, Paul Scott, Robert Silverman, and Vipoo Srivilasa.


[IMAGE: Vipoo Srivilasa, Passion Flowers, 2010-2012, porcelain, 8 x 7 x 4.5″]