April 2014: Dawn Black’s Incitements of Folly

North Adams, MA — Independent Art Projects is pleased to announce CYNTHIA-REEVES’s exhibition Incitements of Folly, a new show of touching works on paper and paintings by Baton Rouge artist, Dawn Black. Opening with an artist reception from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 4th, the exhibition runs through Sunday, May 3rd.

Black work examines the practice of masquerade and its role in relation to conceptions of identity and power. The artist depicts people from various sources, societies and time periods in gouache, watercolor, and ink on paper and is particularly interested in the various permutations of social practices that engender power hierarchies. Her compositions are influenced by eastern perspective, theatre, and myth making in general.

I think of the limitless bank of images that pervades our lives as a collective unconscious. A shared state, we all contribute and are part of it. I cull these images through random web searches, visits to public archives, and perusing periodicals to intuitively select figures of interest. I decontextualize the figures by moving them from their original context to a vacant piece of paper in order to provide absolute focus on their identities and roles in society.” — Dawn Black


For further information on Shona Macdonald, please visit the online gallery at cynthia-reeves.com or contact the gallery at 212 714 0044. Please note that Independent Art Project is open on Saturdays, and by appointment.